[JSR308] Support for processing unknown annotations?

Artemus Harper subanark at gmail.com
Mon May 26 14:49:27 EDT 2008

Is there any support for processing unknown annotations?

In my case I want to allow the analysis of user provided annotations. These
annotations are state annotations that describe the state of a value, and
can be modified once a unique reference to the value is obtained.

For example I would have an annotation:
public @interface StateDescriptor { }

The user would have an annotation:
public @inteface Initialized
   boolean value() default true;
   boolean pre() default true;
   boolean post() default true;

Then would annotate the class:
public class MyClass
   @Initialized(pre=false, post=true)
   public void init()
   protected void initValues()

   public void doStuff()

Where in this case initValues cannot be called after init()

The problem is that the user could choose any annotation, but I would need
to analyze any code annotated with annotations that are annotated with

I do not have any idea what SupportedAnnotationTypes and TypeQualifiers
annotations actually do, so I am concerned if what I want to do is feasible.
Artemus Harper
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