[JSR308] Receiver on field initializers

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Sun May 11 20:02:14 EDT 2008


> No subtype rules are specified for constructors invocation (unlike  
> other method invocations).
> Is there any reason that constructors are treated differently than  
> method invocations? In my particular case the constructors need to  
> be treated just like method calls.
The previous sentence has a typo, my fault.  The sentence (along with  
the sentence preceding it) should have been:
The framework currently checks arguments passed to the constructor for  
valid subtyping.  No subtype rules are specified for constructor  
invocation *receiver* (unlike other method invocations).

We simply could not find a common rule to restrict constructor  
invocation based on the constructor receiver, unlike method  
invocation.  Within method invocation, the receiver is a formal  

As I said earlier though, arguments to constructor parameters are type- 
checked using the regular subtype rules.

Also, it might help the conversation a lot if you provide an code  
example along with what you expect and what the framework does.

> My first goal is to implement a checker for a @NoEscape annotation.  
> A reference annotated as such cannot escape the current scope. The  
> reference cannot be copied to fields, inside arrays, or returned.
Great.  I would like hear see your results.  We have been considering  
implementing a Unique type system that is similar to your proposal.

- Mahmood
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