[JSR308] @Target(ElementType.TYPE_USE)

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Tue Jun 24 04:42:23 EDT 2008


> I can't find the ElemenType.TYPE_USE value as the documentation
> says.

This looks like a problem with our distribution; thanks for pointing
it out.

In the meanwhile, a workaround is to omit the @Target meta-annotation.
Then, your annotation MyAnn will be permitted to appear anywhere.


PS:  I hope this fixes your problem, but I can't be sure.  Please
permit me to make a gentle suggestion:  instead of saying "I'm getting
a syntax error", it is more helpful if you provide the source code you
ran and the exact output.  That way, others can reproduce the problem
and ensure that their suggestion fixes all your problems.  There are
some suggestions about bug reporting at

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