[JSR308] Lazily compiling the tools

Richard Gomes rgomes1997 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 14 17:02:54 EST 2008

Hi Mike,

On Thursday 14 February 2008 12:32:47 Michael Ernst wrote:
> Richard-
> Thanks for the script that automates installation of the JSR 308 tools and
> prevents the need to follow each of the instructions at
> http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/#Download .
> (By the way, the above summary would be very useful at the top of your
> webpage http://www.jquantlib.org/index.php/IDE !  Right now the purpose of
> the shell script is a bit obscure, as is even how to run it.)
Yes. I will complement soon. It was late at night and I was really tired.

> A quick question:  Were you able to simply follow all the instructions (and
> distill them into one place)?
Waht do you mean exactly?

> Or, did you find any problems with the 
> installation instructions that we should correct in future releases?
The instructions are OK to me. When I first went thru them I simply executed 
each step as directed and everything worked fine at the first attempt. But I 
found the process annoying and time consuming.

I suggest:

1. A 'Requirements' section which mentions that one needs Ant, JDK6 and JDK7 
installed. By the way, my script will fail if Ant is not installed .. it 
should give an error message and quit properly.

2. Direct links to jdk7 download page and possibly direct links to JDK7 on 
windows and linux on Intel platforms.

3. An 'Overview' section (before Requirements) explaining in one paragraph and 
no more than 5 small items what will be done.

4. You can provide my shell script to the lazy and really impatient ones, like 
me. :)

Kind Regards

-- Richard

>                      Thanks,
>                     -Mike

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