[JSR308] local variables and annotation processing

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 17 15:56:56 EST 2008


I want to emphasize a couple of points regarding the most recent  
discussion abut the checker framework:

Annotation processors or checkers using checker framework get a  
cleaner interface than that of the javac: it is more consistent and  
better documented.  The framework hides a lot of the complexity (e.g.  
method members, local variables, etc).

However, the Checker Framework is optimized and designed for type- 
checking annotation processors.  Non-type-checking processors may  
still benefit from the framework (especially SourceChecker/ 
SourceVisitor).  However, a more lighter-weight interfaces might be  

If there is such a need for such light-weight interfaces (and  
especially if they are people who are interested in contributing to  
this effort), we can consider this possibility.


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