[JSR308] Release 0.8.3 of javac, Checker Framework, checkers, etc

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Sun Dec 7 21:39:22 EST 2008

We have released version 0.8.3 of the JSR 308 implementation and of  
the Checker Framework and version 2.2 of the annotation file utilities  
tool.  You can always review the latest version of the specification  
at: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/specification/java-annotation-design.html 
  ; and download the latest version of these tools at:http://groups.csail.mit.edu/pag/jsr308/

The JSR 308 implementation is a backward-compatible extension to  
javac. The Checker Framework makes it easy to write a tool that finds  
or prevents errors; the tool is expressed as a type-checker for a  
pluggable type system.  The Checker Framework distribution includes  
sample checkers.

This releases includes additional analysis to reduce false positives  
(especially for nullness checker) and many bug fixes.

The annotation file utilities enable external storage of the  
annotations, separate from the java source files or class file.  They  
are compromised of three tools that transfer annotations between three  
annotations format: java source files, java class files, and external  
java annotation index files.  This release includes many usability  
features and bug fixes.

The changlogs of the specification and the implementations appear below.

   - Mahmood

---- Changelog for JSR 308 implementation ----
Version 0.8.3, 7 Dec 2008

Bug fixes
  Fixed bug related to annotations on anonymous classes

Base build
  Updated to OpenJDK langtools build b41

---- Changelog for Checker Framework ----

Version 0.8.3, 7 Dec 2008

  Fixed bugs related to inner classes
  Changed cast semantics
    Unqualified casts don't change cast away (or in) any qualifiers
  Refactored AnnotationBuilder to ease building annotations
  Added support for Object += String new behavior
  Added a type validation check for method return types

  Added inference of field initialization
    Suppress false warnings due to method invocations within  

  Added proper support for AssignsFields and inner classes interactions

  Updated 'Known Problems' section

---- Changelog for Annotation File Utilities ----

   Permit Main to process multiple files at a time.
   Don't re-insert annotations that are already present.
   Add a space before annotation if there isn't one there.
   Fix problems with array syntax; now adheres to the current JSR 308  
   Improve error handling.
   Code reorganization: remove subdirectories and classes that added  
complexity without commensurate functionality.

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