[JSR308] Javarifier release

Jaime Quinonez jaimeq at MIT.EDU
Sun Apr 27 20:02:39 EDT 2008

Version 0.1.3 of the Javarifier tool for inferring @ReadOnly  
annotations has been released and can be downloaded from:


Version 0.1.3 has the following updates:
- Changed the @RoMaybe qualifier for parametric polymorphism over  
mutability to @PolyRead.
- Changed the type rule for inferring @PolyRead to match an updated  
version of Inference of reference mutability, to appear in ECOOP '08,  
which outlines the inference algorithm used by Javarifier.
- Better documentation of the -dumpConstraints command-line option and  
the format of its output.
- Documented the -printStubs command-line option.
- Included a test suite for testing Javarifier installation.

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