[JSR308] updates to the Java Language Specification and other things to do

Igor Peshansky igorp at us.ibm.com
Mon May 21 01:06:46 EDT 2007

Brian Goetz wrote on 05/18/2007 03:13:36 PM:

> >  I heard some comments that JSR-308 isn't ready to be considered for 
> > inclusion into the Java 7 at its current state and that there are 
> > that it won't be ready in time to be included into Java 7. So, I think 

> > it should be a good idea to collect todo items that will be required 
> > order this JSR to be considered for inclusion into Java 7.
> Collecting the status in one place is good, and making progress sooner 
> rather than later is good, but I think the timing of Java 7 should not 
> figure too highly in the deliberation.  I would much rather see a good 
> solution in the Java 8 time frame than one rushed for Java 7.  Given the 

> extremely high compatibility bar, any mistakes made by language-oriented 

> JSRs may well damage the language forever, possibly irreparably.  As 
> responsible stewards, we should err on the side of taking too long 
> rather than rushing ill-thought-out changes to the language.

Right, especially considering the larger goal of this being the last
annotation JSR.
P.S. Don't you mean Java 9?  Or has the policy of "no language changes
in even versions" been rescinded?
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