[JSR308] Expression annotations

Eugene Kuleshov eu at javatx.org
Mon Jun 4 20:57:56 EDT 2007


  The only argument I have for supporting expression annotations is to 
provide some information about expression boundaries in the bytecode. 
So, the major difference between expression annotation and cast is that 
cast annotation associated with a value, and expression annotation 
should be associated with several code ranges.
  Unless of course cast annotation would have code ranges association in 
the bytecode.


Michael Ernst wrote:
> Someone had suggested extending JSR 308 to permit annotation of
> expressions.  (Annotating the expression itself is different than
> annotating the type of the expression's result.)  I have not heard any
> support for this, nor compelling use cases for them that cannot be equally
> well supported by statement annotations or annotations on types and type
> casts.  Therefore, I propose that, for now, we should not spend effort on
> expression annotations.
>                     -Mike
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