[JSR308] JSR 308 documents and tools released

Bill Pugh pugh at cs.umd.edu
Tue Jul 10 14:47:03 EDT 2007

The document suggests (Section 3.3) that we can use ElementType  
declarations to disambiguate whether an annotation applies to a  
method or a return value.

However, this is not compatible with pre-JSR308 usage, and won't be  
compatible with JSR305. Under JSR-175, if an annotation such as  
@Nonnull is annotation with @Target(ElementType.TYPE), then that  
annotation cannot be applied to a method.


On Jul 5, 2007, at 6:37 PM, Michael Ernst wrote:

> We have released new versions of the JSR 308 working document ("the
> proposal"), the JSR 308 prototype implementation ("the compiler"),  
> and the
> checkers framework ("the plug-ins").  You can find these at the JSR  
> 308
> webpage:  http://pag.csail.mit.edu/jsr308/
> Full changelogs are available for each of the three projects, but  
> here are
> some highlights.
> The proposal adds some ideas about arrays.
> The compiler is now based on OpenJDK 7.
> The checkers framework has many improvements, the nonnull checker is
> improved (for example, it is now flow-sensitive), and a second  
> checker, for
> the Javari "@Readonly" annotation, is distributed.
>                     -Michael Ernst
>                      mernst at csail.mit.edu
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