[JSR308] Annotations for worst-case execution time

Neal Gafter gafter at google.com
Tue Jan 30 20:07:41 EST 2007

Annotations on statements?  Annotations on expressions?  It sounds like the
scope of our work is exceeding the scope of the original proposal.

I can imagine us wanting to support annotations on every sematically
meaningful nonterminal in the language, but I'm not sure a result along
those lines is likely to be acceptable by the JCP.

On 1/30/07, Michael Ernst <mernst at csail.mit.edu> wrote:
> Trevor-
> Annotations on loops and other statements are within the scope of JSR 308,
> as noted by the current version of the proposal.  However, no one has yet
> put forward a specific technical proposal for the syntax of loop/statement
> annotations (in Java and in the class file).  Once someone does so, then
> we
> can evaluate that proposal and accept, improve, or reject it.
> I know that several other people, including Wayne Carr and Eugene Kuleshov
> (who responded separately to your message), are also interested in this
> topic.  Perhaps you could join forces in preparing a proposal or at least
> preparing a statement that broaches the issues to the mailing list.
>                     -Mike
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