[JSR308] array-valued annotations

Eugene Kuleshov eu at javatx.org
Sun Jan 28 22:23:36 EST 2007

Joe Darcy wrote:
> However, the JSR's stated scope:
> "This proposal does not change the compile-time, load-time, or 
> run-time semantics of Java. It does not change the abilities of Java 
> annotation processors. The proposal merely makes annotations more 
> general --- and thus more useful for their current purposes, and also 
> usable for new purposes that are compatible with the original vision 
> for annotations."
> excludes any fundamental changes in the JVM's operation.  If the new 
> kinds of annotations are exposed to runtime core reflection somehow, 
> that will at least require a nominal JVM change to expose the new 
> class file attribute.
  So, we are ok as long as new attributes are not exposed trough 
reflection. Right?

  Can someone also please clarify part about "abilities of annotation 
processors"? New types of annotations that JSR 308 is proposing can 
allow new kinds of processing for annotation processors, hence hanging 
their abilities... It is not like I am against it, but someone would 
need to work on those too.


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