[JSR308] array-valued annotations

Gary T. Leavens leavens at cs.iastate.edu
Thu Jan 25 12:47:47 EST 2007

Hi Pavel and all,

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Pavel Krupets wrote:

> Hello,
> I don't think it's appropriate to use annotations like:
> "Document[][@Readonly]". What I mean is that there is no much sense in
> specifying different annotations for different dimensions of the array. If
> such behavior is needed other types can be used (like List<...>, etc). I
> think annotations should be used only with:
> - array as an object (like: @NonNull @Readonly Document[][] doc = ...)
> - objects which are stored inside arrays (like: Document @NonNull
> @Readonly [][] doc = ...)
> The reason behind this is that array (one or multi-dimensional) is an
> 'atomic' type which has type of stored object and dimensions. Just want to
> keep things simple.

I agree that keeping things simple is good when possible.  But
semantically, each array declared is itself a location which holds a
collection of locations.  Thus, to simplify to one dimension:

    Document[] docs;

could look like

                       0  1  2  3
    docs [ *-]------> [  |  |  |  ]

and the location named doc can be null or readonly independent of the
locations doc[0]..doc[3].  The same holds for readonly.

You would lose expressiveness if you can't independently talk about
these different locations.

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