[JSR308] Annotation dump utility

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Fri Feb 9 14:33:02 EST 2007

> So I believe we need tools that can move annotation information between:
> * Java source files
> * Java class files
> * some simple standard representation, probably XML


At MIT, we have built tools that
 * extract annotations from a classfile
 * insert annotations into a classfile
 * insert annotations into a source file

The first two tools work on all the new annotation locations that 
JSR308 adds.  (We plan to enhance the third tool in that way, too.)

As an intermediate representation, they use the textual format described at


(It's not XML, because we wanted it to be readable by people.)

All this is part of the software that we plan to release this month.
Naturally, we can improve the implementation or change the intermediate
representation, based on suggestions from others.


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