[JSR308] Classfile representation of annotations

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Sat Feb 3 14:00:54 EST 2007


> What API changes do
> we want that would require class file format changes?

I'm not sure there are API changes, but there are tasks that require a
classfile representation of the annotations.

Section 4 of the proposal starts out as follows:

  4  Class File Format Extensions

  Java annotations (including the extended annotations) must be stored in
  the class file for two reasons. First, they may be part of the interface
  of a class and, if so, must be available to the compiler (really, to the
  type-checking plug-in [Dar06]) when compiling clients of the
  class. Second, since class files may originate from any source, the
  information may be useful in other contexts, such as compile-time

Several examples have been posted to this list, as well.


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