[JSR308] Re: Annotation processing (JSR 269) and AST representation

Neal Gafter gafter at google.com
Sat Feb 3 12:43:01 EST 2007

OK, but none of those require changes to the class file. What API changes do
we want that would require class file format changes?

On 2/3/07, Michael Ernst <mernst at csail.mit.edu> wrote:
> > I believe we need to look at
> > com.sun.source.tree and related APIs, and think about how we want to
> extend
> > them in parallel with the language.
> Yes.  The current proposal says:
>   The JSR-269 annotation processing API must be modified so that the
> process
>   method (currently invoked only on class, field, and method annotations)
> is
>   also invoked on annotations on typecasts, receivers, type arguments, and
>   local variables. Additionally, the Tree API, which exposes the AST
>   (including annotations) to authors of compile-time plug-ins, must be
>   updated to reflect the modifications made to the internal AST node
> classes
>   described in section 3.
> We have implemented all these changes in the JSR 308 reference compiler,
> which we plan to release in February.  That implementation will give a
> starting point for discussions and improvements.
>                     -Mike
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