[JSR308] Can we agree on our goals? (annotations on blocks)

Eugene Kuleshov eu at javatx.org
Thu Feb 1 20:37:25 EST 2007

Tom Ball wrote:
>> I just wanted to point out that with Tom's suggestion you won't be
>> able to easily say if annotated block represent a single loop or a
>> sequence of statements. Also, user can add another statement to the
>> block added for annotating loop without noticing it. >
> So?  It's trivial for an error checker to determine which statements 
> to check -- the AST nodes are clearly typed for ASTs, and the 
> bytecodes are unique.  A developer could block the whole method body 
> if they want it checked, and then all loops would be checked without 
> lots of extra annotations.  Think of it as being similar to a 
> synchronized block, but without impacting code.
  Tom, I understand that and do think that it could be an acceptable 
middle ground if we won't be able to agree on better solution.

  However, I think it is error prone to annotate loops by wrapping them 
into blocks. For example, one could initially write something like this:

  @Loopcount(100) {
     for(...) {
        ... relatively long body that may not fit into one screen

  Then later, someone else could add to that:

  @Loopcount(100) {
     for(...) {
        ... relatively long body that may not fit into one screen

  While annotation processor could raise a warning on this (so, we would 
need an additional annotation processor for that), saying that annotated 
block don't match expectations, it would be better if user wouldn't had 
a chance to make such mistake in the first place.

  Also note that for the bytecode analyzers it will be more difficult 
(though still possible) to detect such wrong addition.


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