[JSR308] Can we agree on our goals? (annotations on blocks)

Eugene Kuleshov eu at javatx.org
Thu Feb 1 15:59:47 EST 2007

Gary T. Leavens wrote:
>> I haven't thought out what the impact of having block annotations 
>> will be on JVM classfiles, but suspect that the current proposed 
>> attribute will work.
> Yes, I think the structure of the bytecode in the JVM would be a more
> relevant implementation detail.  I don't know anything about that, so
> would be curious to know if there was a similar limitation on easily
> attaching annotations at that level.
  Gary, please note that JSR 308 does not suggest to change JVM 
implementation, so new information (optional attributes) stored in the 
bytecode below method level won't be available trough reflection API. 
Because of that JVM will just ignore bytecode attributes representing 
these annotations when loading class files and there is no need to 
change the JVM.


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