[JSR308] Can we agree on our goals?

Gary T. Leavens leavens at cs.iastate.edu
Thu Feb 1 15:05:20 EST 2007

Hi Eugene,

On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Eugene Kuleshov wrote:

> Gary T. Leavens wrote:
>> For my part, I would be very happy with adding the ability to have
>> annotations on types and statements (or even just loop statements).
>> I'm not personally trying to use any kind of strategy to lead us down
>> a slippery slope towards annotations on all possible syntactic
>> categories.  I think if Java programmers can annotate declarations,
>> types, and (loop) statements, that will be plenty.
> Gary, why limit it on loops and not all { } blocks?

I'm not arguing for a limit to just loops, but stating that such a
limit would be acceptable to me (for purposes of JML).  Certainly I
can see advantages to being able to annotate blocks enclosed in { and }, 
or all statements.  It would be more regular to allow annotations on
all statements, and not to limit the annotations to loop statements.

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