[Checkers] Package @DefaultQualifier annotations

Michael Ernst mernst at cs.washington.edu
Wed Jun 10 17:32:05 EDT 2009


Thanks for the fix!

> > Additionally, if the
> >  testPackage/innerPackage/package-info.java
> > file is removed, I think type-checking should still succeed, because I
> > would assume that the default for testPackage applies to all  
> > subpackages as
> > well.
> This is very reasonable and desirable.  However, it goes against the  
> convention of Sun.  Unfortunately, java treats subpackages as  
> independent packages.  The main example that comes to mind is  
> 'protected' and package scopes, e.g. subpackage classes cannot access  
> the package protected classes.
> We can change that for us, as I believe that it is the most intuitive  
> behavior.

You don't appear to have done this (yet).  Do you think this is worth
doing, or not?


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