[Checkers] This Release

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Sat Sep 27 16:14:37 EDT 2008


I just wanted to notify you this release includes changes that  
(hopefully) improves your checkers.  Namely it has the following two  

- When querying the supertype of a declared type, only user-specified  
annotations in the extends and implements clauses are added.  Now it's  
AnnotatedTypeFactory.postDirectSuperType adds the implicit annotations  
to supertypes.  You may override postDirectSupertype to change this  

- AnnotationBuilder.build().toString() returns the same representation  
as the javac generated AnnotationMirror.toString().

Please notify the list if you have any more questions.  Needless to  
say, thanks for requests to improve the framework!


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