[Checkers] Greetings

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Thu Sep 18 23:17:44 EDT 2008

Greetings Phokham,

Thank you for your notice.  I appreciate your input.  Hopefully, we  
will address the issues.

> - checkers-windows contains the files which I have modified for  
> plattform specific issues. Also I had to comment out some IGJ tests  
> because they didn't run on windows.
I will look into your modification in checkeres-windows, and might  
include them in the release scheduled tomorrow (Friday).
I believe that we have fixed the IGJ tests.  The testing framework  
made false assumptions about the path name in Windows.

> As we tried to figure out the errors we tried to change the line in  
> our qualifiers:
> @Target({TYPE})
> to
> Our qualifiers only support classes. They should not apply to  
> fields, local variables and parameters. However this solved one of  
> our errors.
Umm... Your test file has Peer and Any annotations which annotating a  
parameter and variable.

Do you mean that qualifiers only support declared types (types of  
classes and interfaces, as apposed to primitives)?  TYPE target allows  
annotation to appear only on a class declaration, i.e. 'class  
@Immutable String { ... }'.  Thus you would need the other ones to  
make it into a type annotation.  It's quite unfortunate that TYPE  
target is actually for type declaration rather than simply types.

> The second error was fixed by adding [isValidUse]
So the issue is not your need to override isValidUse.  Since your  
qualifier hierarchy does not include Unannotated, the checker expects  
all types to have one of your valid annotations.  However, your  
checker does not add annotations to type declarations, hence you  
getting errors when using isValidUse which relies on a type  
declaration having a valid annotation.

The proper solution to have Any be the default annotation for all  
types unless the user specifically inserted something else.  To do so,  
you would need to add
to the declaration of Any (the root of the annotations).

This should fix your problem and other problems that you haven't  
noticed yet =).

Also, I have few comments about your checker (so far):
- Pure annotation is not a type annotation and it does not have any  
semantical meaning yet.
- It's better for a type factory to extend BasicAnnotatedTypeFactory  
rather than AnnotatedTypeFactory.  BasicAnnotatedTypeFactory comes  
with much needed functionalities: implicit annotations (ImplicitFor),  
qualifier polymorphism (PolymorphicQualifier), and flow sensitive type  
- You don't need to create empty classes for UtsAnnotatedtypeFactory  
or UtsVisitor.  BaseTypeChecker (and your UtsChecker) would create  
BasicAnnotatedTypeFactory and BaseTypeVisitor if you don't supply a  
specific type factory or a visitor.

Hope this helps,

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