[Checkers] InternalUtils.constructor

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 10 17:25:03 EDT 2008

Hi Artemus,

> I am unsure why this method does not return the generated  
> constructor for anonymous classes (and instead returns the  
> constructor of the superclass).
This is done because the generated method does not contain any of the  
type annotations.  We are considering having the compiler generate  
constructors that contain annotations, but simply haven't gone around  
to do so.  There is some technical complexity that we would need to  
expose if type writers work with anonymous constructors.

> For my work this is causing problems since I'm annotating the new  
> part to refer to the annotations on the  super type of the anonymous  
> class rather than the annotations on the result of invoking the  
> constructor, which do affect the result of new.

I do not understand your situation much.  I do not quite see your case  
for changing this.  However, to change this behavior, there is one  
conditional in InternalUtils.constructor (with condition  
'tree.getClassBody()') that you can eliminate.


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