[Checkers] Checker Framework release 0.7.7: bug persists

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Thu Sep 4 11:36:41 EDT 2008

Greetings Andrzej,

I am sorry that we didn't properly address the File.createTempFile  
false positive.

When using a checker, all compiled code and linked libraries (e.g.  
JDK, 3rd party libraries) need to be properly annotated.  The Checker  
manual describew how one can properly annotate libraries and use them  
for compilation.  The Checker Framework distribution includes the  
annotated skeleton JDK for nullness checker.

To use the nullness annotated jdk in ant, you would need to add  
'sourcepath' attribute to javac task, making it be the following:
   <javac fork="yes" executable="/scratch/wasylkowski/jsr308/jdk1.7.0/ 
bin/javac" debug="true" debuglevel="${debuglevel}" destdir="."  
source="${source}" target="${target}"
(may need to correct sourcepath value)

Running the 'check-nullness' task would report extra errors related  
to .equals() methods accepting nullable values.  Attached are my  
results with and without using the sources [please note the false  
positive regarding ObjectOutputStream.writeObject, which should be  
fixed by the next release].

If you are not using an annotated JDK, all method parameters and  
return types default to nonnull types (Manual 3.2).

Hope that this clarifies issue.  Please email checkers at csail.mit.edu  
if you have any questions.


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