[Checkers] [Jsr308-bugs] [JSR308] Annotations on type parameters.

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Thu Oct 30 05:53:41 EDT 2008


> One thing I would note is that I have had trouble making use of the  
> QualifierHierarchy and TypeHierarchy classes.  For example, when  
> checking whether the null type was a subtype of some specific class  
> type, I found that QualifierHierarchy.isSubtype() was invoked with the  
> annotations from the class type and "null" for the null type.  I  
> didn't see how I could in good faith return true for that scenario,  
> since a "null" annotation on any other type would not be a subtype.  I  
> guess I just wasn't quite sure how to interpret a null value.  It  
> might be helpful to modify that method to include as arguments the  
> types from which the Annotations were taken, which would in some cases  
> provide the missing context.

Thanks for this suggestion.  It sounds like the "null" argument should be
better-documented.  Possibly more context should be provided as well.
Mahmood, can you take care of this?


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