[Checkers] Questions about annotations repository

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Fri May 30 04:40:19 EDT 2008

I have been trying to understand the layout and contents of the annotations
SVN repository.  Here are some specific questions.  I'm copying Jaime
because, although he can't necessarily help make the fixes, I hope he can
provide some insight and advice about what we ought to do -- especially for
the first four issues about the annotation file utilities.

1. annotations/asmx/ doesn't contain a README file describing how it differs
from the distributed ASM, what was the last version of the distributed ASM
that it was synchronized with, nor how to get an exact diff of all the
changes.  Could someone add that?

2. annotations/shared/ doesn't contain a README indicating its purpose.
(And, what is it shared between?)  Since we are no longer trying to re-use
the same file between multiple projects, but rather merely check that they
are in sync (see "-prep-checkdiff" target in
annotations/release/release.xml), there is no need to put this in its own
directory any longer.

3. What is the annotations/annotation-file-utilities/workspace/ directory?

4. The annotation file utilities are spread out all over the annotations
directory.  These directories seem to be logically part of the annotation
file utilities, so far as I can tell:


Is there any reason not to consolidate them all under
annotation-file-utilities?  Some directories may disappear:  for example,
"shared" can be merged into a new src/ directory that will contain all of
the source code of the annotation file utilities.

5. annotations/notes-compiler.txt seems to be out of date.  How does its
"Making a release" section relate to file
annotations/release/README-maintainers ?  These should be merged into the
same place, and obsolete info (like "As of 04/18/07, javap is not ready for
release and will be omitted from the initial distribution") removed.
More generally, could you read through the entire 
annotations/notes-compiler.txt file and update it or move information to
more logical places (and perhaps cross-reference those places)?

6. What is the "annotations/disassembler/" directory?  It contains a copy
of javap, but that also appears in
"annotations/langtools/src/share/classes/sun/tools/javap/".  What is the
difference between the two versions?  My guess is that everything of value
in the annotations/disassembler/ directory should be moved to
annotations/langtools/ and then annotations/disassembler/ should be



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