[Checkers] Tomorrow Release?

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Thu May 22 12:08:03 EDT 2008

> Sure, but depending on when you do it tomorrow, I may not be able to
> help out if anything goes wrong. On the other hand, you probably
> shouldn't need any help.
That would be great test for the release documentation!  I am planning  
to work on the checkers framework for a bit.

>> I have updated the compiler today [...]
> [D]id you use 'hg convert' [1] to also move the history from what's  
> currently in SVN?
I have not.  I looked at different tools of conversion.  Some forums  
indicated unreliability of some of the tools; but did not look very  
closely.  Anyway, the conversion shouldn't be too problematic.

>> - Where should the mercurial repository for the compiler be?
>> - Should we convert the checkers framework repository to mercurial  
>> too?
For now, I will convert both repositories and put them in my locker  
research folder.

I support converting checkers framework repository to mercurial too.   
Now that we have some interest for writing extra checkers, it would be  
nice to have a public repository.  Mercurial (or any D-SCM) would make  
it easier for the clients to update their local modified versions.

> Eclipse plugin [...] isn't quite as good as tool support for SVN yet.
It is quite awful.  I tried it.

- Mahmood

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