[Checkers] "Creating a checker" section of Checker Framework manual

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Mon Jun 23 04:48:24 EDT 2008


Thanks a lot for these extremely useful comments; I appreciate it.

I've made all the changes you suggested, except for one:

>   9.1
>     - What does it mean to say that the framework 'only handles types with
>       one qualifier'?

This was old, or I'm not sure what it meant.  I deleted it.  Thanks for
catching this.

I've also added more code examples of using the meta-annotations, and added
some links to relevant Javadoc.  I'm not sure exactly how to make the
manual section less off-putting.  I added an encouraging "it's easy!" note
at the beginning and tried to be clearer about what parts of javac a
checker depends on.

I have attached new version of the manual, in both HTML and PDF, in case
there were issues that still confused you -- you can see if the manual is
adequate now.


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