[Checkers] Javari JDK

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 17 00:26:47 EDT 2008

Hi Telmo,

I have created the method stubs for the Javari JDK.  It's available in  

The major differences between the already included jdk and this one is  
the following:
1. Removed method bodies and private methods
2. Removed /*@Unmodifiable*/ from java.lang.String and /*@NonNull*/  
from all the code

I tried compiling some files and seems to work.  I couldn't compile  
some of those classes when using the distributed jdk.

Please review the files and the differences (or test) to confirm that  
I didn't delete any methods or annotations by mistake and incorporate  
them into the release.

As an important note, the annotated JDK is that of Java 5.  It will be  
extremely nice if you switch to Java 7.0 (or at least 6.0).


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