[Checkers] more constructors

Telmo telmo at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 4 23:41:38 EDT 2008

Gah. I meant "can you add a couple of tests". Sorry. I may need to sleep.
I instead extended AnnotatedTypeScanner, since I need to visit two 
AnnotatedTypeMirrors at the same time, one of them as the parameter, and 
visitor methods on SimpleAnnotatedTypeScanner are final.


On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Mahmood Ali wrote:

> Hi Telmo,
> Actually, .subsitute isn't you would want for resolving polymorphic 
> qualifiers anyway.  .substitute substitute _annotated types_ with other ones, 
> and not annotations.
> You should use SimpleAnnotatedTypeScanner by overriding 
> SimpleAnnotatedTypeScanner.defaultAction() instead.
>> Can one of you add a test couple to the framework expliciting why this 
>> happens, so I can keep working on it?
> I'm sorry, I didn't understand 'test couple'.  You can send a patch and I 
> will examine it.
> - Mahmood

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