[Checkers] Responding to code review comments

Michael Ernst mernst at csail.mit.edu
Wed Jun 4 08:56:16 EDT 2008


> I am working on applying your comments today.  There are some points  
> that I would like to clarify with you, as either the comments were not  
> quite obvious or there is a misunderstanding on what the code is  
> doing.  I will compile such list and send it hopefully by tonight.

OK.  We can do this by phone at 1:30pm or later today.  If you prefer
email, or to prime the discussion with email, that's OK too.

(And, there are a few non-code-review issues we should talk about.)

> > I would like to schedule that code review by mid-June, and
> > to have the meeting by June 23.
> Is the code review different from the meeting?  Anyway, sounds good  
> with me.

I want the meeting scheduled and the code available before June 16.  Then,
the meeting itself should be no later than June 23.



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