[Checkers] Nullness inference

Fausto Spoto fausto.spoto at univr.it
Wed Dec 31 10:47:32 EST 2008

Hi Michael.

I attach the stub files generated for JFlex. Those for Daikon will be
sent next week, since I am on a slow internet connection and cannot
download the Daikon package at the moment.

For @PolyNull, I understand that it stands for both @Nullable and
@NonNull, like a template in C++. However, I wonder whether you can use
it in every place where a type is allowed. For instance, what is the
meaning of

void m(@PolyNull Object obj)


void m(@PolyNull Object obj1, @PolyNull Object obj2)


I cannot see any difference wrt

void m(@Nullable Object obj)
void m(@Nullable Object obj1, @Nullable Object obj2)

respectively. Also, what is the meaning of a @PolyNull field:

@PolyNull Object f;


Are two @PolyNull methods completely independent wrt the choice made for
their @PolyNull variables?

For the moment, I generate @PolyNull annotations only for methods
returning a reference type whose non-nullness has not been proved, but
which are provably non-null whenever a parameter of the method is
non-null. Attached, you see an example PolyNull.java and the stub file
that my tool generates for it. Non such example is found in JFlex. Do
you have an example of @PolyNull which should be found for JFlex?

There is no special support for generics in my tool. The problem is that
the types have been erased in the bytecode. I can problably instruct the
analyzer to use some types or to consult some source code (this might
take some work, but it is feasable). However, I find many problems. For
instance, in a map class:

class Map<T,D> {
   void put(T from, D to) {}
   void D get(T from) {}

it is impossible to prove that get() returns a @NonNull D even through
the program always puts a @NonNull D inside the map. This is because you
have to prove that all calls to get() receive a parameter which has been
already put in the map, a difficult thing to prove.

Can I use your type-checkers on my stub files or should I wait for some

Have nice new year.
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