[Checkers] New material for checkers paper

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Sun Apr 27 16:36:53 EDT 2008

>  > - framework meta-annotations (manual section 8.5.1)
>  > - polymorphism (not done yet, will be in SVN in the next couple of
>  > days; can actually be part of the meta-annotations discussion, since
>  > it's done via a @Polymorphic meta-annotation)
>  I would put the description of this near the flow-sensitive discussion.  In
>  the discussion of meta-annotations, it can be mentioned that a
>  meta-annotation enables it.

Sure, that sounds good.

>  In addition to mentioning the existence of the custom checker, is there a
>  case study to add?

Yes, using @Partly/@Fully qualifiers for annotated types in the
framework. It's on hold until I've finished the Lookup case study;
Lookup should be done later tonight, and this case study in a day or

- Matt

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