[Checkers] Canonical JDKs

Mahmood Ali mahmood at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 23 00:36:08 EDT 2008

Hi guys,

Due to all the problems I've had with the skeleton generator, I  
created an eclipse plug-in that generates skeleton files from source.   
I will make the plug-in available publicly at some point.

In my locker, I created two canonical JDKs (actually only contains  
java.{io  lang  math	net  nio  rmi  security  sql  text  util}  
packages), which can be accessed in ~mali/research/jdk.  You will find:
- basic-withdocs	method stubs with documentations (it might help while  
- basic-nodocs		method stubs without documentations (for quick  

Please use them for future annotation, as they compile cleanly with  
javac (with some warnings).  If you need more packages, please email me.


P.S. I lied, there are few files in java.nio, that are generated by a  
preprocessor that I didn't generate the stubs for.

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