[Checkers] Suggestions for NonNull checker warning messages

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Mon Apr 21 15:35:41 EDT 2008

>  I believe that this message is a result for double checking.  NonNull
> Checker checks for de-referencing null, and the framework checks for method
> invocation on null references.

Actually it doesn't double check; see the implementation of NonNullVisitor.

>  Actually, you can simply override BaseTypeVisitor.checkMethodInvokability()
> to always return true to avoid the double checking.

That's precisely my issue: I want the framework to check method
invokability for @Raw but not for @NonNull. I guess I could have it
return true only if the method's receiver is NonNull, but that seems
like a hack to me.

>  Do it have something to do with @NonNull not doing anything with binary
> trees?

As Mike mentioned, the problem doesn't seem to be related to String

- Matt

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