[Checkers] Problems with NonNull checker

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Mon Apr 21 11:39:00 EDT 2008


Here's what I've found after a brief look:

>   * I have to replace some but not all uses of "@Raw" by "@checkers.quals.Raw".
>    (I have already done this in the one place I had to, in FileIO.java.)

That's not something I've seen before. I'll try to isolate a smaller test.

>   * Error messages for class names, when accessing a static variable -- the
>    message says that the class name is possibly-null.  This is most of the
>    messages, in fact.

While I don't yet know what's wrong here, I noticed that when running
the checker on a single file (and using -sourcepath so javac can find
the rest), these errors do not occur (and there are test cases for it
that don't fail). I'm looking into it now.

>   * The checker crashes, after a long delay.  I have not investigated this
>    to determine which file(s) are at fault.

I have a fix for this one. It was caused specifically by the
expression "boolean.class"; I fixed it for this and also for
expressions like "boolean[].class". I'll put it in SVN asap -- the
checker run just finished without any crashes a second ago.

(Also, it seems like the long delay is caused mainly by checking
"FunctionBinary.java", which is ~17k lines. You can use "-Afilenames"
to see which files are being checked.)

- Matt

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