[Checkers] New name for romaybe

Jaime Quinonez jaimeq at MIT.EDU
Sun Apr 13 12:24:10 EDT 2008

I'll support @Polyread.  It emphasizes the fact that the method is  
somehow polymorphic, and it uses 'poly-' as a prefix rather than a  
suffix, which I think makes it sound better to someone new to Javari.   
In a sense, "poly" could be seen as a qualifier on "read," in which  
case the alternative of "readpoly" seems like it could be legal, but  
wouldn't be standard.


On Apr 13, 2008, at 5:49 AM, Michael Ernst wrote:

> I'd like to reach resolution in our choice of a new name for  
> romaybe.  I
> definitely want this done before the camera-ready versions of the  
> Checkers
> and Javari papers (but not so quickly that we choose a poor name).
> I think the top contenders right now are
>  @Polyread
>  @Readpoly
> Thoughts on these?
>                     Thanks,
>                    -Mike

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