[Checkers] [Pag] Progress Report

Matt Papi mpapi at csail.mit.edu
Thu Apr 10 12:54:22 EDT 2008

>  > There is no "@DefaultTypeQualifier" (or some similar name) [...]
> > This differs for NonNull/Interned
>  > vs. IGJ/Javari.)  Is that on your agenda?
>  I didn't give this a great thought.  It shouldn't be too difficult to
>  do.  However, my initial hunch is that for most checkers (where the
>  significant annotation is a subtype annotation, e.g. Interned,
>  NonNull, Encrypted, Tained, etc), the default annotation is simply the
>  root annotation.

We need this to handle cases like List<T> --> List<T extends @ReadOnly
Object>, right? Actually, now that I think of it, NonNull's @Default
implementation (which I've been really meaning to move to the
framework) could be trivially extended to support a
@DefaultTypeQualifier. If nobody minds me picking it up, I can do it
Monday afternoon after the ABB talk.

- Matt

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