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From: Lisa Tolles <issta at sheridanprinting.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 1:29 PM
Subject: issta  - Paper Submission Reminder, Paper Number: fp084
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Dear Author,

 Please remember to sumbit your paper, "ISSTA'08 Paper / Practical
Pluggable Types for Java", for publication in the issta  proceeding.


 1. Your ISSTA 2008 Conference submission id# is in the subject line
above. Take note of the number, and share this with your co-authors.

 2. If you are NOT the contact author, PLEASE forward this email to
the correct corresponding author.

 3. Formatting and submission instructions of the final version of
your papers: www.sheridanprinting.com/typedept/issta.htm

 4. Kindly adhere to the submission deadline (May 8th, 9:00 AM EST, NY
time). The submission site is ready. Early submissions are encouraged
and will be appreciated.

 5. A link to submit your paper, abstract, or poster is below.

 6. After you submit you will receive a confirmation email (to the
contact author's email address entered). Within this email will be a
link for a completed and needed ACM Copyright or Permission-Release
Form. Forms without the title and authors completed are unacceptable
per ACM. Please print the form after you submit, sign, date and fax
ASAP: 1-908-213-3285 or 1-908-454-2554, or email us a scanned image of
the signed form.

 For paper submissions and additional information please use the
following site:

 Thank you,

 Lisa Tolles
 Sheridan Printing
 Email: issta at sheridanprinting.com

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